Helpful Hints & Tips from Gianni’s

Gianni’s has been helping schools, sports teams, churches, daycares and other groups meet their fundraising needs for nearly 20 years. Collect helpful hints to assist in making your fundraiser a success!

  1. Determine how much money your organization needs to meet its goal. Make sure your sellers know how many items they need to sell to help you reach your goals.
  2. Attach a detailed cover letter to every brochure. This should let sellers know when orders are due, why you are fundraising, and any other important information. Ask your sales representative for an example.
  3. To promote the sale, create and place posters in high visibility areas like bulletin boards or main entrance corridors. Promote your sale on your organizational website, around the community, or in your newsletters. Send emails to your friends, family and co-workers letting them know about your Gianni’s fundraiser.
  4. Encourage sellers to call family, friends, co-workers and anyone they know who would be interested in helping your organization. Gianni’s does not promote door-to-door selling.
  5. Create reminders to ensure that selling continues until the fundraiser ends. Use the reminders as a means to let sellers know of the delivery date and time.
  6. Your sales representative will provide you with instructions for the order process.