Your Success is Our Success.

The most successful fundraisers are well planned. Here are a few tips:

  1. Set a goal.
    1. What is your fundraising goal?
    2. How much money do you need, total, to accomplish this goal?
  2. Set the Fair Share.
    1. Based on the total amount of money you need, set a per-person Fair Share goal. Each person selling needs to sell their Fair Share to support the group
  3. Manage the Sale.
    1. Establish a two-week time frame to sell within. Set a mid-point check-in date and remind sellers each day to sell their Fair Share and remind them why they are selling – the ultimate goal (uniforms, travel, equipment, etc.) For example:

      Start: November 1st
      End: November 15th
      Mid-Point Check-In: November 8th
      Turn in Orders: November 16th

    2. Once your order is placed, close the sale.
  4. Sell with Confidence.
    1. Develop a target list to sell to. Each seller should list fifteen names of friends and family he or she can sell to. The name, phone and email for each should be listed.
    2. Schedule a time to make a call to each person on the target list. Calling as a group activity promotes healthy competition between sellers and is a good way to kick off your sale in a positive way in as little as just one hour.